What is Sermorelin?

Peptide research and utilization has become one of the most promising fields for advancements in anti-aging and individualized medicine. One of the most commonly applied peptides (signalling molecule) for the purpose of anti-aging is sermorelin acetate. Usually called just sermorelin for short, this peptide is known as a growth hormone secretagogue or more specifically, a growth hormone-releasing hormone – it’s functional alias. What it does in the human body is right there in its formal name – it stimulates the release of growth hormone from the anterior pituitary gland. That’s not where it’s effects end, however. Sermorelin has the ability to impact systems and functions throughout the body that tend to experience a natural decline as a result of the aging process, and it has clear benefits over conventional growth hormone therapies that have traditionally been used. If you are think you are ready to start sermorelin treatment, keep reading to get a better idea of how this amazing peptide works in the body, why it is safer and more effective than simply using growth hormone, any potential side effects, and where to source your sermorelin from in order to ensure you are getting an effective product.

What is Sermorelin?

Let’s start out by explaining just what sermorelin is exactly. You might be wondering how does it have the ability to have a positive impact on the aging process. Well as we already mentioned, sermorelin is a growth hormone-releasing hormone (GHRH). This means that it stimulates the natural production and release of growth hormone (GH) from a bundle of cells in your brain called the pituitary gland. This gland releases many different hormones that have many different jobs all over the body. Unfortunately, as we age its ability to produce and distribute these chemical messengers known as hormones begins to decline. Combine this decline with a decreased capacity to produce the GHRH needed to stimulate the release of growth hormone, and you have a recipe for a GH deficiency. Although some degree of deficiency is a common and expected byproduct of the aging process, it doesn’t have to negatively impact your quality of life. We now have the ability to supply your pituitary gland with all the GHRH it needs in the form of sermorelin as well as other forms of GHRHs. By supplying the key that allows for your own growth hormone to be produced and released, we are able to manage the negative effects of growth hormone deficiency. Such issues as difficulty or inability to decrease body fat/increase lean mass, lack of appetite, sleep dysfunction, and more can be effectively reversed by the skillful application of sermorelin . Even better, because sermorelin simply releases our own supply of growth hormone, we can avoid the negative effects of conventional growth hormone therapy which we will discuss later. Sermorelin and all forms of GHRH are classified as pleiotropic, meaning they have more than one effect throughout the body. Separate from the benefits conferred by stimulating the release of growth hormone itself, sermorelin has the ability to bind to peripheral GHRH receptors around the entire body and it has higher activity and stability than naturally produced GHRH. This means it can work better and for longer than the GHRH your brain produces.

So now that you know the mechanism of action of sermorelin (how it works on a physiological level), let’s dig into some of the benefits of utilizing this amazing peptide. Keep in mind the list is long and likely to continue evolving in the future as more and more research and clinical application occurs. For now we will stick to the most common reason people utilize sermorelin, while just touching on some of the systemic effects that although interesting, aren’t typically the focus of treatment.

Sermorelin for Anti-aging

As if you needed a reminder…but the process of aging degrades nearly every function in the body – slowly but surely taking with it our health and vitality. One particularly important function that is negatively impacted by aging is our ability to produce and release growth hormone naturally. Research has shown that natural growth hormone release drops dramatically after around the age of 30. On average, 150 µg/kg of growth hormone is released per day during puberty – it then decreases to approximately 25 µg/kg/day by about the age of 55 (µg means nanograms, a very small amount but growth hormone is incredibly powerful)¹. This massive reduction in growth hormone results in a decreased capacity to build muscle mass, reduced ability to oxidize (burn) stored body fat for fuel, a major decrease in bone mineral density and wound-healing, a reduced appetite and sleep quality, and a generally lowered feeling of vitality. These are just some of the reasons why sermorelin and other peptides like it can be an impactful treatment – aging just takes a lot out of you (no pun intended). Sermorelin is typically administered night to closely mirror the rhythm in which natural growth hormone release would occur and its use has been shown to reduce visceral (abdominal) fat, increase muscle mass, improve fluid memory, aid in sleep and improve appetite, boost elastin and collagen production resulting in younger looking skin, and more. All of these effects are why sermorelin and other similar peptides can truly be considered anti-aging therapies. Independent of these direct effects, sermorelin has the potential to incur additional benefits due to the ubiquity of GHRH receptors within us. Binding sites for GHRH are present in the hypothalamus, heart, lymphocytes (immune cells), testes, ovaries, pancreas, skin, and more locations throughout the entire body. Long story short, a reduction in natural growth hormone release is an expected result of the aging process, and may contribute to the process as well. By increasing growth hormone release via sermorelin, we have an amazing weapon that allows us to fight the hands of time on a more even field. 

So Why Not Just Use HGH?

Well the first red flag should likely be that human growth hormone (HGH) is illegal for use as an anti-aging therapy. Even if this restriction was suddenly removed there would still be a substantial argument for utilizing sermorelin or another GHRH in lieu of HGH. First and foremost is how exogenous (from outside the body) HGH will circulate the body all throughout the day. Growth hormone is normally released by the pituitary gland in a pulsatile fashion – with the highest amount being released about an hour before you typically go to bed. This is why sermorelin is injected or ingested at this time. When you cut out the middleman (pituitary) entirely and use exogenous HGH, the levels circulating throughout your body are relatively consistent throughout the day. Over time this results in growth hormone receptors becoming resistant or burned out, much like the insulin receptors in those with Type II diabetes. Introducing external HGH puts the user at increased risk of immune dysfunction, acromegaly (enlargement of the face, hands, and feet), cardiomegaly (enlargement of the heart), as well as other internal organ growth, malignant transformation, insulin resistance, and increased oxidative damage at the cellular level. How might you avoid all of these unwanted effects? Simply stimulate the body’s release of it’s own growth hormone instead of injecting unnatural levels of exogenous HGH.

Where Should You Go to Get Sermorelin?

Like all peptide therapies, it is highly recommended that you visit a certified and reputable anti-aging or wellness clinic to receive sermorelin prescription and treatments. Although it is possible to do so, purchasing peptides off of the internet without a prescription is inadvisable at best (not requiring a prescription is a major red flag). At Ikon Wellness we offer an easy process for you to fill out forms, obtain a prescription, and order products all from the convenience of your phone. We are also able to provide you with lifestyle, nutrition, and training guidance that will enhance the potential benefits of peptide therapies, especially with regards to improvements in body composition. Gaining muscle and losing body fat will be much easier with the aid of sermorelin and other GHRHs, but following a solid training and nutrition protocol will allow for an increased favorable response to the treatment. Overall, sermorelin can and should be considered as part of your protocol to reduce the unwanted effects of aging. You may not be able to keep from getting older, but you can live better while it happens!

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